What is “Becha fest.”?

What is “Becha fest.”? It’s Japanese traditional terrible fest.


“Becha Festival” with a history of 461 years.⛩


Becha Festival is the festival for crying children.😫😭 It doesn’t make sense, does it? “Becha” is Tengu👺, goblin.👿


It is a Festival that children are chased and beaten by Tengu with bamboo.

You might have a question, Isn’t it painful for children to be beaten with a bamboo? Yes, it’s pretty painful!!! But being beaten by Becha means to spend a state of perfect health over the years.


I was also beaten a lot when I was child. But now, I beat them.

It is held at Kojima Shionasu in Kurashiki city on the third Saturday and Sunday of October in every year.


Written by Kyohei S